Unto us a child is born ….

With all our thoughts on Christmas – and hopefully on the real meaning i.e. that Jesus Christ was born as a baby to eventually become the promised Saviour, children have a higher than normal profile. Is that possible you may well ask? Perhaps I’m over sensitive, as I’m due to become a grandfather again very soon. Perhaps that’s it!

But, you know, every four minutes a child dies in Africa from diarrhoea ….and contaminated water plays  real part in that. Imagine – every four minues. I’ve just been talking with a supporter who popped into the office with the contents of a couple of TASTE bottles. Just a quick chat – but two children died as we spoke. How mind-numbing is that?

There’s another 12,180 minutes to midnight on Christmas Eve. That’s time for another 3045 children to die. So spare a thought for their parents and family this Christmas …… please!