Our Staff

Ben Udejiofo

CEO – UK Based

Ben was born in a village called Achi, in Enugu State. He came to the UK at the age of 8 years and was brought up in North London. Ben studied Civil and Structural Engineering at the University of Sheffield and worked as a Chartered Civil Engineer for nearly 20 years. He is married with 3 children and is a member of Wycliffe Independent Church in Sheffield.

Ben set up TASTE in September 1999 with the help of some friends. He served as a Trustee until May 2012 when he resigned to take up the role of Chief Executive Officer with overall responsibility for TASTE.

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John Bartholomew

John is the Chief Driller and ensures all boreholes are drilled to specifications. John is an expert driller and has deep knowledge and wide experience. He makes drilling easy even in difficult terrains. John splits his time between family, gym and weekly activities in his local Church after work. John is happily married to his lovely wife Peace and blessed with a daughter named Sarah.
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Jonathan Makan

Jonathan is the Program Officer of TASTE Nigeria; Jonathan leads the design and implementation of all projects in TASTE and also facilitates the evaluation of completed projects. He works closely with the account officer and community leaders to have needed information for planning and project implementation. He plays basketball once in a while, married to Phidelia and blessed with 3 beautiful girls.

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Tim Danchal

Tim is the Country Administrator for TASTE Nigeria. He is responsible for the administrative and human resource management. Tim makes sure that human and material resources are put to better use to realise TASTE goals. He likes hiking and photography, he is an animal care advocate and keeps a small poultry.
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Dinatu Dami

Dinah is TASTE Nigeria’s accountant; she is responsible for all financial matters regarding TASTE Nigeria. She performs all the accounting responsibilities also involve planning the project, its procurements, execution and accounting for monies used. Aside her work with TASTE, Dinah joins her sister is farming Irish Potatoes, a captain of the Girl’s Brigade in Jos and a Bible teacher for children in her spare time. Dinah is married to her lovely husband Habila Dami and are blessed with 3 children.

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Yohanna B. Dula

Yohanna is a drilling assistant with the drilling team. He assists the chief driller in the field. He helps with the drilling, movement of heavy-duty equipment and tools. Yoh enjoys being with his family, neighbours and Church fellowship.

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Sunday Gateau

Sunday assists the chief driller in the field with drilling. Sunday is married to Rifkatu and they are blessed with 8 children and 10 grandchildren. He is calm and enjoys doing his work without any complaints. Sunday enjoys time with family and friends in the community and can usually be found under a tree chatting with them.

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Yakubu Nuhu Chayi

Chayi is the Country Director of TASTE Nigeria; he is responsible for providing leadership and team building to ensure the achievement of TASTE vision. Chayi, is well experienced in the field of development management. He derives motivation from facing new challenges that come his way, system strengthening, team building and staff capacity development is his major area of focus in his work with TASTE. He is single. He enjoys learning, supporting Christian organisations to strengthen their systems and public speaking.

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Byencit Dala

Byencit Joy Dala is TASTE’ Office Logistics and Environmental Care Officer. Byencit provides logistics support to all the TEAM officers as they prepare to travel to the field. She make sure the office environment is conducive for work and takes care of all TASTE visitors while in the office. She keeps tracks of all supplies and refilled when out. Byencit is young and single and she hopes to continue her education soon.

Byencit is a Children Sunday School teacher in her local church and enjoys singing also.

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Doris Samuel

Doris Samuel is TASTE Sanitation and Hygiene Officer. Doris facilitates TASTE trainings in the community in Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) and Nutrition. She carries out monitoring visits to the trained Health Promoters (WASH Advocates) in the communities to provide technical support. Doris enjoys singing and cooking is her free time at home. Doris is single and lives with family. She is also a stronghold of the family.
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