TASTE Trustees

TASTE is actually two separate organisations – one British and one Nigerian. Both are registered charities in their own country, yet we function on a daily basis as a single entity.

TASTE is blessed with two sets of Trustees who are charged with overseeing our work. The Nigerian Trustees act as The Board and review our activities annually, with updates at 4 or 6 monthly intervals. Being on the ground gives them a great perspective of things and their advice is always helpful.

The UK Trustees act as an Executive, taking a more hands-on approach to the business, reviewing financial and project information on a monthly basis. They have a great take on how to present TASTE within the UK and are a source of great encouragement to our CEO and volunteers.

Nigerian Board

  • Andrew Gwaivangmin (Chair)
  • Julie Anpe
  • Pastor Ani Ekpo
  • Stephen Marah
  • Pastor Dachollom Datiri
  • Pastor Adamu Maga

UK Trustees

  • Andy McMillen (Chair)
  • Dr Ibi Erekosima (Deputy Chair)
  • Suki Jandu
  • Andy Bryce
  • Prof Robert Coleman