Nigeria on the brink?

It was the worst incident of its kind in Nigeria for many years.  Attacks on police, security service and immigrations offices left 150 dead.  The BBC, in reporting the atrocity, ask the question, “Is Nigeria on the brink?”.

It is not easy to answer that question.  Certainly things are very serious.  Boko Haram seem set on causing maximum terror – last week they threatened to carry out jihad in the north – and they don’t seem bothered whether they kill Muslim or Christian.  Suggestions that the terrorist group have infiltrated the security services can only add to the concern.

This surely is the toughest test of the President who, as a Christian, will be harried by Boko Haram much more than would be a Muslim President.  But with the Christian States in the south anxious to avoid the imposition of Sharia Law (the ultimate objective of Boko Haram), the pessimist could certainly foresee a north v. south clash.  Might the pessimist even foresee civil war?

Nigeria needs our prayers and, perhaps even external intervention, or things might indeed get worse.