Optimistic Nigerians

DOptimistic Nigeriansid you know that, apart from the obvious political surveys, Gallup run an annual survey to reveal the most optimistic race on earth? If you are British, you’d have no idea about the annual survey because optimism is not a word found in the vocabulary of many of us!

But, guess what? Uh ha, you’ve guessed already …… The Most Optimistic people in the world 2011, as surveyed by Gallup, (roll of drums, rapid loud beats) are the Nigerians!

And, guess what, this follows their top spot in 2010 as well!

Perhaps that is why it is always so hard to get things done in Nigeria – because there will always be another chance to do it tomorrow! I thought that mañana was a Spanish word but it seems that the Nigerians coined it first. Now I understand why my British urgency doesn’t travel too well to Jos; because nothing is too important that it must be done today ……because tomorrow will be fine; it’ll be OK.

Bim Adewunmi has written a very interesting piece for the Guardian – and she is not happy about all the optimism: