Replacing FUJ

TASTE are aiming to raise a grand amount of £9000 to replace our dearly-loved milk tanker, who is broken beyond repair.

The milk tanker, aptly named Fudge (after the vehicle’s number plate: FUJ 25C), used to deliver water to rural communities in the height of dry season, when many wells and other water sources dry up. The tanker also created income by selling water to commercial businesses, which helped with our office costs in Nigeria.

We are getting increasingly closer to our target after a couple of successful grant applications and a high-volume clothes collection, but we still have quite a way to go. Thank you to all our supporters who have already donated to this money-raising venture.

There are many more ways to help us replace the tanker: you could collect your small change in a bottle, you could drop in old stationery to the Sheffield office, or you could join us as we run 5K around Weston Park on the 17th March 2012.

Let’s get the vital water deliveries back on the road.