What if you lost 50p?

If you went out shopping and dropped 50p, would it matter to you?

If you had a coffee while you were out at the Sales and left 50p change on your tray by mistake, would it effect your life?

What if it happened every day? Well, that could cost you £15 a month but, losing it a little at a time, we probably wouldn’t notice it. Admittedly, that is not true for us all. There are people in UK for whom 50p is a large sum and who would really notice the loss of £15. But that is the minority and, if you know someone in that position, you ought really to help them.

So, what would £15 achieve if, instead of losing it, you donated it? Clearly, I can only speak for TASTE but, given regularly, it can make a great difference. Let’s do the sums – £15 x 12 = £180 plus Gift Aid (£45) = £225. That would pay for a hand pump that would provide for up to 500 people.

If you both work and you both donated that 50p, each year you would donate enough money to pay all the staff allowances for the borehole installation in that same village.

Think about – we can lose money every day and not notice it. Presumably that means we could donate the same amount and not even notice it. But donating that money will change lives in Nigeria; it will improve health and aid education; ultimately it will save some lives.

Think about it. I have.