Question of Spirit?

I’ve just been to watch one of my favourite TV programmes being filmed. Question of Sport – 40 years old and still going strong! I went as a guest of that much-loved TV personality, Mr Dan Walker. Can’t comment on his performance but I can say that the donkey let him down badly!!

But what got me thinking was the event that I attended afterwards. Dan was hosting a programme for BBC Radio5 Live that was effectively an audience with QoS stars, Sue Barker, Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell. It was a great programme and will go out on Christmas Day. But it was the audience that did it for me. More than 200 people came out on a freezing cold night to attend the recording of something that they could listen to in the warmth of their own homes. And the final programme will be superbly edited so that what goes out will be better than what was recorded (if that makes sense – well it will be the best 30 minutes from 70 minutes chat).

Why come out on such a cold night? Hero worship? Nothing on TV? And it got me thinking – how many of my friends (who all say they support TASTE) would come out on a freezing cold night to hear about how God is directing and blessing TASTE? More to the point, how many can be bothered to save up clothes for our black bag day or come on the Fun Run?

Please don’t get me wrong – without our amazing supporters, TASTE could not exist. But I was just comparing the enthusiasm for QoS stars and enthusiasm for God’s work. Perhaps we could all learn a bit from the strange people (me included) who were in a Salford Quays at ten o’clock last Tuesday night!